Common Questions, Rules & Safety

Common Pool Questions             

What type of membership do I need to use the pool?
        You need to have an aquatic membership, aquatic add-on to your gym membership or a guest pass to utilize the pool.

What is the temperature of the water in each pool?
        The water temperature maintained in the pools per the Illinois Department of Health Regulations and Licensure are between 83 - 85 degrees in lap
        pool and 90 - 95 degrees in therapy pool.

How clean is the water?
        The pool water chemicals are monitored multiple times each day in accordance with the Illinois Department of Health for your safety.
        Additionally, the lap pool has a new ultraviolet light system that the water filters through to add an additional level of water cleanliness.

Is the air temperature and quality regulated?
        Yes, the Dectron air system maintains a constant air temperature and humidity level for the pool room.

What is the inside of the pool made of?
        Both pools used to have a liner in them prior to reconstruction. Our updated pools now have a aquatic plastered floor and walls. This means the
        bottom may feel a bit more course on your feet. If so, you may want to invest in some aquatic shoes.

Can I take my phone or other electronic devices into the pool area?
        No. This is a safety issue.

Can I take any snacks or drinks into the pool room?
        No. The only thing that can be consumed in the pool room is water. There is a water fountain available with cups.

Do I have to sign up for a swim lane?
        Currently, no. You can swim laps during lap swim times. We ask that you are courteous to others.

Can I come into the pool during any fitness classes?
        Yes, there are designated areas in which you can enter the pool if you are not in the class. This area is not “Open Swim” time, it is called Personal
        Aquatic Fitness (do your own program but controlled). We ask that you perform activities that will not create large ripples of water during this time.

Can I use the therapy pool if there is physical therapy going on?
        Yes. Keep in mind that the therapist oversees the therapy pool when in session. We ask that you be courteous of the patient care going on when
        entering and ask that you seek permission from the therapist before turning on any aqua jets.

How can I find out current information regarding the pool?
        We will always post information on our Wellness Center Facebook page and our website.
        Facebook:  Hopedale Wellness Center

Can I rent out the pool for a private party/event?
        Absolutely. Our pool rentals are after normal business hours.   You need to contact Greg Eberle, Wellness Center Manager, for more information
        and to schedule your rental. ( [email protected] or 309.449.4533)

Is there a schedule of pool activity during business hours?
        Yes, there is a pool schedule that we follow each day. There is a copy on our website and at the front desk of the Wellness Center.

Is there a description of what each activity consists of?
        Yes, the activity descriptions are posted on the website and at the front desk of the Wellness Center.

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