Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised education and exercise program designed for persons who have had a cardiac event.

The goal is to improve a patient’s overall physical function and quality of life following any cardiac event.

The risk of another cardiac event is reduced through cardiac rehabilitation and keeps an already present heart condition monitored and controlled.

Cardiac Events Include:

Hopedale Medical Complex offers Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation and Medically Supervised Exercise.


Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation is typically designed for patients who have recently had a heart attack, bypass surgery, stents, valve replacement or have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Patients wear heart monitors while exercising and take part in indvidual education to learn about living with heart disease.  Patients are taught how to modify their lifestyle to improve their quality of life.





Cardiac rehabilitation is often divided into four areas: 


Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.   Other diagnoses may be covered depending on the insurance carrier.


Medically Supervised Exercise


Medically Supervised Exercise is for graduates of Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation and anyone from home with medical conditions.  Participants still receive individual attention and continue with closely monitored exercise progression by an exercise specialist and specialized nurse.  



Monitored Exericse includes checking:

While this type of exercise can also be done at home it is generally more successful in a structured Wellness Center atmosphere.
Medically Supervised Exercise is not covered by insurance and is considered a private pay service.  Our Medically Supervised pricing follows the Wellness Center Membership Rates.  There is no additional charge for supervision.



Where Is The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Located?

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, began in May of 2003, is located in the Hopedale Medical Complex’s modern 34,000 square foot Wellness Center.  The facility offers a walking track, workout equipment, and a lap and therapy pool.

For more information regarding Cardiac Rehabilitation, please call 309.449.4500.