Parent & Tot

This is a fun class for parent and tot to expand their motor skills and learn and explore safely. Instructor leads activities to include circle time, stretching, structured play and free play. *Please note: An adult (age 16 or older) must be partnered 1-on-1 with each child. Adult and child must come in movable clothing and ready to participate. Registration form must be completed for each participant (adult and child).

Tiny Tumblers

This class is for a child who is ready to explore the positive and fun world of gymnastics on their own. Children will strengthen motor movements, as well as improve balance, flexibility, and body control. An adult is NOT to accompany a child. Appropriate clothing should be worn and long hair should be pulled up. Participants may wear socks or go with bare feet.

Terrific Movers

This class concentrates on building gymnastic skills and techniques in a fun and positive environment. Children will advance their gymnastic skills and physical abilities with a focus on coordination, balance, and social skills while developing self-confidence. Participants should be appropriately dressed from head to toe in moveable clothing or leotard, hair pulled up and preferably barefoot. Participant must complete and pass tiny tumblers (with the consent of coach) or can successfully complete a forward roll with no hands, hold a bridge for 10 seconds, and demonstrate proper form of a cartwheel.


This is the first in a series of skill progressions for young gymnasts in the sport of gymnastics. Develop balance, strength, flexibility, conditioning, and most importantly, self-confidence. No experience needed. Appropriate clothing should be worn and long hair should be pulled up. Participants may wear socks or go barefoot.


This is the second in a series of skill progressions for young gymnasts. With the completion of rollers or meeting coach’s placement recommendations, children will continue their journey of learning and excelling in the sport of gymnastics. This class focuses on challenging children to learn a higher skill level along with respect for themselves and others. Advancement to this class approved by coaches only.

Level Placement: Coaches care about the safety and well-being of your child. Every gymnast is tested throughout each session to ensure correct class placement. All gymnasts progress at different rates. Some may move through levels quite quickly while others may spend a year or more in each level. Both are quite normal and should not be a cause for concern. This is a fun-filled atmosphere for your child to learn and grow.