Swim Lessons

Public Swim Lessons are not available at this time. Please call (309)449-4500 about our private swim lesson options.

Swim Lessons are on Tuesday and Thursday night within certain dates each month in the aquatics area. HWC also offers Private and Sem-Private lessons if the dates and time of the public lessons do not work with schedules. 

Parent & Tot

This is a one-on-one swim class with toddler(6 months+) and adult. Toddler will need either a swim diaper or potty trained. Your child will increase comfort in the water while working on front kicks, prone glides, and rolling over. 

Level 1

This class is for 4 years of age to 10 years. Your child will work on increasing comfort in the water, going underwater, floating, and leaving the side of the pool.

Level 2

This class is for children 4-10 years of age who have mastered level 1 skills. Your child will master floating, jumping in the water and returning to the side, and swimming 5 yards.

Level 3 & 4

This class is for swimmers who have mastered level 2 skills. Your child will work on freestyle, backstroke, treading water, jumping into deep water, rotary breathing skills, increasing swim distance, and elementary strokes. 

For more information or to sign up for swim lessons, please the Wellness Center at 309-449-4500