No Off Season

Times of Training
Monday - Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm

Session Pricing
12 session punch card for $120.00


  • Weight lifting programs will be designed for each participant based on age, abilities, and goals.
  • Training sessions are 60 minutes.
  • This is group training with individual programs.
  • All athletes must be able to follow the program independently.
  • Athletes can vary from week to week on which days and times they come.
  • Training age is 9 years and up.
  • Athletes will be supervised by Certified Athletic Trainer, Josh Grant.

Strength & Conditioning is for the athlete who wants to train according to a program based off personal goals and sport-specific skills. This programming is conducted in a group setting where there is supervision during the established training times.  The athlete can choose their training time.

Personal Performance Training Program is a one-on-one training session in order to improve performance based on sport, physical abilities and goals. Sessions are 60 minutes.

Performance Evaluation measures objective physical abilities for sport and develop baselines for improvement. NOS professionals will measure height, total weight, lean muscle mass, body fat, lower extremity power, upper extremity power, agilities, and anaerobic capacity.  

Performance Nutrition Consultation is a sit down with our dietitian for a one-on one discussion to discuss your eating plans for optimal performance, body composition and overall energy.

Team Training is for teams that want to train for optimal performance towards a common goal. 

Functional Return to Sport Training is for athletes that sustained an injury and graduated from physical therapy. The primary purpose of this is to have a one-on-one session to specifically train for a safe return to sport. 

Education for Performance consists of informational workshops and classes to better understand training, nutrition and movement for improved athletic performance. These are interactive and fun.

Massage for an Athlete is important for increasing recovery time, decreasing muscular stress, creating a better blood flow for soft tissue healing, increasing joint range of motion and overall well-being. Great for in-season body maintenance.  


Hopedale NO OFF SEASON is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of athletic performance enhancement services using dedicated, experienced, certified professionals. Hopedale NO OFF SEASON utilizes the latest scientific, cutting edge techniques, and provides our clients with the education necessary to achieve their goals.

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