Reopening Plan

Reopening Plan

Per IDPH Restore Illinois Directive on June 26, 2020


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    • After the hour we will clear the building to clean and sanitize
  • Due to increased cleaning protocols and limited staff, member hours will be:
    • June 30- July 11 *Closed for July 4th*
      • Tuesday/Thursday: 5 am – 6 pm
      • Saturday July 11: 7:30 am – 5 pm
    • Beginning July 13 hours will be
      • Monday – Friday: 5 am – 6 pm
      • Saturday: 7:30 am – 5 pm
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the facility
  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask if they can’t keep social distancing guidelines in place.
  • Memberships are frozen for all members and will remain so until an adapted reopening can be accomplished
  • June 30 – July 11th
    • Usage of the facility will be made into a day to day membership.  Each time a member checks in, we will deduct a day from their remaining membership
    • Maximum 1 punch per membership per day (multiple members on same membership can use facility each day)
    • Memberships that run out of days will be able to purchase a punch card for additional usage at a rate of $25 for 10 punches ($2.50/ punch)
    • Memberships will be adjusted at the end of each day to reflect current status of memberships
  • Beginning July 13, 2020
    • Starting this date memberships will be turned back on with membership end dates adjusted based on closure dates and when original membership expired.
    • If you do not wish to have your membership taken off hold you will be required to contact the Wellness Center front desk at (309) 449-4500
  • Members will not have access to water fountains inside the building and are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and not share water
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available for members to utilize throughout the facility.
  • Members are required to clean equipment before and after use
    • Wipes and garbage collection will be available to members throughout the building
  • Linens will not be provided.  Members are encouraged to bring their own towels for use during workouts.
  • In addition to cleaning of equipment before and after use, WC staff is continuously cleaning high touch areas to ensure staff and member safety


Locker Rooms:

  • Everyone is encouraged to come in their workout clothes.
  • A limit of 5 adults (18+) per locker room can be in the main men’s or women’s locker rooms at any time.
  • Lockers will be taped off for social distancing guidelines
  • Every other shower will be available for use
  • Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands before exiting the locker rooms.


Kids Klub

  • Kids Klub will remain closed during this time.



  • No game play will be allowed in the gym
  • Individual drills only
  • Social distancing must be maintained while lifting weights
  • Machines and equipment must be cleaned before and after use.



  • The middle lane will not be available for use. Members must maintain social distancing guidelines
  • We encourage you to avoid touching the handrails



  • The pool will remain closed June 26th – July 12th.
  • On July 13th we will open the pool to classes only at this time
  • Members wishing to attend classes will be required to sign up for a time by calling the Wellness Center front desk at (309) 449-4500
  • Classes will be limited to 9 members and 1 instructor
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times


Fitness Floor

  • All exercise machines and equipment must be wiped down before and after use.
  • Members should use hand sanitizer stations after use of any machines and equipment
  • Social distancing guidelines will apply during use of the fitness floor
  • Members must leave 1 machine between themselves and the next person
  • Due to the number of available machines a 20-minute time limit will be enforced on cardio equipment


Yoga Studio

  • Beginning July 13th on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this room will be closed to members for cardiac rehab patients
  • No equipment will be provided. Members are required to bring in their own mats
  • Classes cannot exceed more than 5 participants, sign up is required prior to the class, walk-ins welcome based upon availability
  • Wellness Center staff will start the workout video for the class
  • Social distancing must be maintained throughout the class
  • Members are encouraged to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before and after class
  • Class will be held on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am with a limit of 5 members


Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

  • Members will sign up for the class through the online portal or by calling into the WC during business hours 8 am – 4 pm. *NO WALK IN PARTICIPANTS*
    • Sign-ups for the following weeks classes will open on the Thursday of the week prior
    • Members who sign up for a class and “No-Call - No-Show” will still be charged a punch
    • Members who cancel more than 12 hours prior to class will not be charged a punch for missing a class
  • Members and teachers will clean and sterilize any equipment used during the class
    • Cleaning will be done by each member for equipment used with wipes provided
    • Disinfecting of equipment will be accomplished with Oxivir wipes before equipment comes back into the WC for storage.  Wipes will be provided.
    • Equipment will be left outside to dry after cleaning before being brought into the building for disinfection
    • Disinfection will be accomplished inside the storage room with UV light at the completion of each day (potentially)- (Electrostatic cleaner)
    • Each participant will have a designated area to complete their workout in complying with the 10 ft social distancing rule for exercise.
    • Each Participant in class will wear a mask and maintain at least a 6 ft social distance when not actively participating in exercise
  • A radio will be available for the instructor to communicate directly to staff inside the building in case of emergency, weather related issues, or regarding cleaning needs
  • Weather considerations will follow those of the Hopedale Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine protocol for severe weather.



Environmental Safety

Lightning and Adverse Weather


Postpone or suspend activity if a thunderstorm appears imminent before or during a practice or game (regardless of whether lightning is seen or if thunder is heard) until the hazard has passed.

Signs of imminent thunderstorm activity include:

  • Darkening clouds
  • High winds
  • Thunder or lightning activity

Heat Index Recommendations

Thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of activity, temperature and humidity readings should be taken at the practice or competition site.

If a reading is determined whereby activity is to be decreased (above 95 degrees Heat Index), then re-readings would be required every 30 minutes to determine if further activity should be eliminated or preventative steps taken, or if an increased level of activity can resume. Using the following scale, activity must be altered and/or eliminated based on this Heat Index as determined.

To calculate heat index visit: