Reopening Plan


Why is Hopedale Wellness Center not fully open like other gyms?

  • Due to our status as a medically directed, healthcare wellness facility that serves patients who are at high risk of COVID-19 complications we are following the guidelines set by IDPH and Hopedale Medical Complex.  These restrictions make Hopedale Wellness Center a unique facility, which is unlike a standard, stand alone gym/fitness center.

Is my membership still on hold?

  • Yes, every class you attend you will lose a day on your membership.

How can I sign up for Outdoor Fusion Classes?

  • By calling the Wellness Center at (309) 449-4500 or signing up on our online portal. Follow this link for directions on how to sign up for classes online.

What if I am currently not a member?

  • You can purchase 10 guest passes for $25.00 by calling the Wellness Center (309)449-4500.

Will kids klub be open?

  • Per IDPH restore Illinois Plan states we are not allowed to open Kids Klub at this time.

Can my children sit on the sidewalk during my workouts?

  • Children will not be allowed on the property at all during this time.

How many punches will I lose if my family goes to class?

  • You will only lose 1 punch per day for anyone on your membership who attends a class in the same day

When will classes open for registration?

  • Classes will open for sign-ups on Thursday at 8:00am for the next week of classes

What precautions are you taking to keep people safe?

  • Everyone attending a class will have their temperature taken and use hand sanitizer prior to starting the class. Every piece of equipment will be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized after each class.

Will I have to wear a mask while working out?

  • No, each workout area will be 10 feet apart. When you are not working out you will need to wear one.

Will locker rooms and restrooms be available?

  • No, you will not have access to locker rooms at all. Restrooms will only be used if it is an emergency.

Will class depend on weather?

  • Yes, we will be following NOAA’s National Weather Service safety guidelines. If the heat index is above 104 degrees, all classes will be canceled.